3. Using the Model 8250 Drive Cabinet

photo: The Model 8250 Drive Cabinet by Radeus Labs, Inc.

3.1 Emergency Stop

photo: Model 8250 e-stop

  • To stop all antenna motion as quickly as possible, push the red e-stop switch.
  • To release the e-stop, twist the knob clockwise.
  • During an emergency, disconnect all power sources.


3.2 Position the antenna manually

Use the jog buttons on the Model 8200 ACU, or
use the jog-control panel inside the Model 8250 drive cabinet:

photo: jog controls in the Model 8250

  1. Choose the jog panel’s settings
  2. photo closeup: jog buttons in the Model 8250 drive cabinet

    • “Local” — enable these jog controls, overriding the ACU.
    • “Slew” — jog buttons will move the antenna as its slew speed.
    • “Toggle” — sustain antenna motion* once started, instead of only moving while a jog button is depressed
  3. As needed, use the jog buttons to…
    • move “AZ” (clockwise or counterclockwise)
    • move “EL” (up or down)
    • move “POL” (clockwise or counterclockwise)

*Until it hits its limit or the operator presses the jog button(s) again.

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