PMCU — Portable Maintenance Control Unit

Radeus Labs offers its handheld PMCU to facilitate antenna control without requiring the operator to be within arm’s reach of the drive cabinet. Its controls are quite similar in function to the full-featured jog panel of the Model 8250 Drive Cabinet.

photo: handheld satellite antenna controller - PMCU - Portable Maintenance Control Unit

The handheld Portable Maintenance Control Unit (PMCU) is used for maintenance activities with the antenna system. This gives users the ability to operate the antenna without being near the drive cabinet. Power and data communications are carried via the Ethernet connection to the cabinet. Signal strength will be shown on the PMCU if the antenna control unit (ACU) and associated beacon receiver are installed.

The PMCU has many features including signal strength, current look angles, a move-to-look-angles feature, and a feature that will “peak” a signal after it is manually located. The drive cabinet and PMCU modes are always synchronized (Local or Remote), and display the same antenna-motion information. When under Local control, the cabinet and connected PMCU are both active and capable of moving the antenna.

PMCU — Annotated Controls

Annotated controls on the PMCU - handheld Portable Maintenance Control Unit for satellite antenna tracking

Compelling Advantages

Radeus Labs studied the field’s previous generation technology in order to create a PMCU with distinct advantages. Its unit addresses customer complaints and “nuisance factors” commonly found in other systems. For example:

  • The PMCU connects to the drive cabinet over standard Ethernet — there is no need for a heavier cable, and it’s easily replaced.
  • The Ethernet connection is on the outside of the Radeus drive cabinet, so its access door does not have to be opened. This can be especially useful during unpredictable and inclement conditions.
  • The PMCU from Radeus Labs was developed with climate/weather-resistance in mind.
  • The unit can move from one antenna system to another during maintenance, attaching effortlessly to a site’s Radeus Labs drive cabinets.

With these advantages and its robust feature set, the PMCU from Radeus Labs can be seen as a powerful, truly portable tool designed for technicians.

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