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Model 9000 Tracking Receiver
Model 9050 Drive Cabinet

Dependable, high-precision tracking High-performance antenna control system focusing on multi-motor-per-axis, full-motion antenna solutions. Supports monopulse tracking with a variety of feed configurations.

product photo: Model 9000 ACU
Model 9000 ACU


  • Touchscreen controls 
  • Efficient, intuitive GUI 
  • Up to four Antenna Control Panels (ACP)  
  • Setup Wizard for easy configuration 
  • Ethernet SNMP or REST API remote interfaces 
  • Single, dual-, and multi-motor configurations per axis
  • Up to 16 E-Stops 
  • Final, Pre and Velocity limit inputs 
  • Stow-pin interlocks and actuation 
  • Auxiliary drive integration 
  • Torque biasing of multi-motor applications 
  • Support for synchronous AC, asynchronous AC, and brushless DC motor opitons 


  • Monopulse tracking option 
  • Rack or cabinet drive enclosures 
  • L, C, S, Ku band beacon receivers available 
  • CP/LP switching control 

Pointing & Tracking

  • Position control to within 0.0005 degrees RMS error
  • Steptrack accuracy to within 10% RMS of -3dB beamwidth 
  • Predictive Track accuracy to within 5% RMS of -3dB beamwidth 
  • Monopulse tracking to within 3% RMS of -3dB beamwidth 

Operating Modes

  • Step Track
    Tracking algorithm performing periodic and or level triggered scans to peak up signal strength (requires beacon receiver).
  • Predictive Track
    Points the satellite dish using an orbital model created from previous AZ and EL step-track data (requires beacon receiver). 
  • Monopulse
    Automatically acquires target, peak phase align and calibrate to begin tracking with monopulse tracking receiver. Transfers to predictive model or ephemeris tracking on loss of monopulse signal.
  • TLE (Two-Line Element)
    Model based pointing derived from NORAD two-line element sets.
  • IESS-412 ( Intelsat 11)
    Automated pointing of AZ and EL axes based on look angles derived from IESS-412 parameters.
  • TLE + Step Track
    Pointing algorithm based on TLE parameters with the addition of a velocity based step-track to provide the most accurate pointing possible from TLE data (requires beacon receiver).
  • IESS-412 + Step Track
    IESS-412 pointing algorithm with the addition of a velocity based step-track to provide accurate pointing (requires beacon receiver).
  • Manual
    Variable speed jog control for AZ and EL axes from ACP GUI.
  • Move to Look Angles
    Position to user-provided AZ, EL and Pol angles.
  • Move to Longitude
    Position to AZ and EL angles determined from the longitudinal orbital slot.
Model 9050 Drive Cabinet

Details: refer to the Model 8250 drive cabinet for the Series 8000 ACS and ask us about the Model 9050 drive cabinet for the Series 9000 ACS.

Series 9000 ACS

Series 9000 Antenna Control System — brochure about the 9000 ACS and drive cabinet. rev. RLM9000-ACP — 20220317-01

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