Model 8200™ ACU

The commercial industry’s most-advanced antenna control system meets the requirements of retrofits* as well as new installations.

photo: Model 8200 ACU — front-panel touchscreen and jog controls
Model 8200 ACU — satellite antenna control unit

*With the retrofit option, the 8200 ACU is compatible with legacy drive-cabinet interfaces and position-feedback devices such as absolute rotary optical encoders, standard single-speed brushless size 11 resolvers, and two-speed brushless size 20 resolvers.


  • Touchscreen controls for all operations
  • Efficient, intuitive graphical user interface
  • Hardware jog buttons with LED indicators
  • Data and parameters secured in nonvolatile storage
  • Innovative setup wizard eases installation
  • Secure TeamViewer integration for remote and shared ACU operation
  • Field-proven in critical applications

Modes of Operation

Step TrackAdvanced algorithm for periodic or signal-level-triggered scans to peak the signal level
Predictive TrackTracks targets based on an orbital model developed from prior Step Track data points
NORAD TLEAutomated tracking based on NORAD two-line element sets
Intelsat (IESS-412)Tracking derived from Intelsat 11-element parameter sets
TLE with SteptrackTrack using TLE as a base model but add periodic Step Tracks to correct for offsets over time
IESS-412 with SteptrackTracking with Intelsat model, with added Step Track to correct for offsets over time
Manual JogDedicated front-panel antenna jog controls
Move to LongitudePoints the antenna to AZ and EL angles determined by the longitudinal orbital slot
Move to Look AnglesPoints the antenna to user-supplied AZ, EL and POL angles


  • Fiber optic IFL
  • IRIG B timecode receiver
  • Integrated beacon receiver (L, Ku, Ka, X, S, and C bands supported)
  • 25-bit optical encoders and or size-11 resolvers
  • CP/LP support
drawing: layout of the Model 8200 ACU back panel
PDF: Series 8000 ACS brochure

Model 8200 Antenna Control System — brochure about the 8200 ACU, 8250 drive cabinet, and optional Portable Maintenance Control Unit (PMCU). rev. 20200302-01

Also see: original 8200 product announcement

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