Model 8200™ ACU

The commercial industry’s most-advanced antenna control system meets the requirements of retrofits* as well as new installations.

photo: Model 8200 ACU — front-panel touchscreen and jog controls
Model 8200 ACU — satellite antenna control unit

*With the retrofit option, the 8200 ACU is compatible with legacy drive-cabinet interfaces and position-feedback devices such as absolute rotary optical encoders, standard single-speed brushless size 11 resolvers, and two-speed brushless size 20 resolvers.


  • Touchscreen controls for all operations
  • Efficient, intuitive graphical user interface
  • Hardware jog buttons with LED indicators
  • Data and parameters secured in nonvolatile storage
  • Innovative setup wizard eases installation
  • Secure TeamViewer integration for remote and shared ACU operation
  • Field-proven in critical applications

Modes of Operation

Mode Description
Step Track Advanced algorithm for periodic or signal-level-triggered scans to peak the signal level
Predictive Track Tracks targets based on an orbital model developed from prior Step Track data points
NORAD TLE Automated tracking based on NORAD two-line element sets
Intelsat (IESS-412) Tracking derived from Intelsat 11-element parameter sets
TLE with Steptrack Track using TLE as a base model but add periodic Step Tracks to correct for offsets over time
IESS-412 with Steptrack Tracking with Intelsat model, with added Step Track to correct for offsets over time
Manual Jog Dedicated front-panel antenna jog controls
Move to Longitude Points the antenna to AZ and EL angles determined by the longitudinal orbital slot
Move to Look Angles Points the antenna to user-supplied AZ, EL and POL angles


  • Fiber optic IFL
  • IRIG B timecode receiver
  • Integrated beacon receiver (L, Ku, Ka, X, S, and C bands supported)
  • 25-bit optical encoders and or size-11 resolvers
  • CP/LP support

drawing: layout of the Model 8200 ACU back panel
Fully configured 8200 system shown. Actual rear panel may vary depending on configuration.

icon: PDF file download, product brochure for the Model 8200 ACU For details and specs, download the product brochure:
Model 8200 ACU – product brochure

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