Radeus Labs — Series 2000™ ACS

Model 2200™ ACU
Model 2300™ ACU
Model 2350™ Drive Cabinet

Full-featured antenna controls for SmallSAT, LEO, and MEO satellites

Model 2200 ACU for SmallSat, LEO, and MEO antenna controls
The Model 2200™ and Model 2300™ follow in the groundbreaking footsteps of the flagship Model 8200™ ACU.

Model 2200 and Model 2300 Antenna Control Systems are specifically for full-motion LEO and MEO antenna applications. With velocity control of smart motors, antenna speeds well beyond ten degrees per second are supported.

When coupled with the 2048 Drive Interface (Smart Motor Controller), the 2200 is well-suited to — and interfaces seamlessly with — M2 Antenna Systems’ AE-2000S (http://www.m2inc.com/FGAE2000) and its Moog Animatics SmartMotors. Refer to the Radeus Labs Hardware Interface Control Document for the RL2048SMC’s interfaces description.

PDF: Series 8000 ACS brochure
Model 2200 & 2300 Antenna Control Systems — about the 2200|2300 ACU and the Model 2350 Drive Cabinet (rev. 20200318-01)

The Model 2200|2300 covers the bases: from cube-sats and small-sats to the existing infrastructure of GEOs. All Radeus Labs control systems are designed to be easy to install, easy to use, and with an extended lifespan of mechanical components.

Contact Radeus Labs for information about the Model 2200 and Model 2300 Antenna Control Systems. Contact M2 Antenna Systems at 559.432.8873 to learn about the AE-2000S.

Modes of Operation

SteptrackAdvanced algorithm for periodic or signal-level-triggered scans to peak the signal level
Predictive TrackTracks targets based on an orbital model developed from prior Step Track data points
NORAD TLEAutomated tracking based on NORAD two-line element sets
TLE with SteptrackTrack using TLE as a base model but add periodic Step Tracks to correct for offsets over time
LongitudePoints the antenna to AZ and EL angles determined by the longitudinal orbital slot
Look AnglesPoints the antenna to user-supplied AZ, EL and POL angles
Manual JogDedicated front-panel antenna jog controls

Drive Cabinet

photo: The Model 8250D Drive Cabinet includes an enhanced display.
Shown: The Model 8250D Drive Cabinet with enhanced display.

Details: refer to the Model 8250 drive cabinet for the Series 8000 ACS and ask us about the Model 2350 drive cabinet for the Series 2000 ACS.

PDF: Series 2000 ACS brochure

Model 2200/2300 Antenna Control Systems — brochure about the 2200/2300 ACUs and the Model 2350 drive cabinet. rev. 20200302-01

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