SatCom — Antenna Control Systems

Radeus Lab’s high-performance satcom equipment is designed thoughtfully, putting the user at the forefront of our development process. Our high quality, quick delivery, and expert product support are rapidly turning the Series 8000, Series 2000, and Series 9000 Antenna Control Systems (ACS) into the industry’s go-to units.

Antenna Control Systems

Our satcom products are designed with the highest-quality components from trusted suppliers such as Allen Bradley®, Yaskawa®, and other respected brands. While quality components might cost a little more up front, the payback comes in the form of top-notch reliability and uptime for your antenna applications. Each unit goes through a burn-in period followed by rigorous automated testing to help ensure that we ship the highest quality product to our customers.

Delivery, Service, Support

We believe delivery times are important — especially in an industry where some seem to have become “too-big-to-ship” quickly. Our all-in-house assembly and manufacturing processes allow us to shorten the production cycle significantly in order to deliver your equipment as soon as possible. A typical order-to-ship cycle is 30 days from the placement of a valid purchase order.

When you receive the product, our innovative features facilitate expedited system installation and commissioning. The system is designed with simple innovations — like removable drive cabinet doors and back panels — for easy access and convenience. Other innovations are more complex, such as the Model 8200 ACU “Setup Wizard” that shortens the time spent on limit configurations, soft-limit setups, and motor tuning. With the system’s limit switches installed and wired, the Setup Wizard sweeps both axes to configure key system parameters automatically.

If you happen to get stuck, our knowledgeable support team is standing by. Our goal is to respond to your calls quickly, with solutions, minimizing any difficulty or unexpected “opportunity” in the field. In most cases, you will speak with a satcom engineer who was involved in product development and who has field experience. This combination of system design, quality, delivery, and support is key to providing the user experience that gives our customers a competitive advantage.

Core values of Radeus Labs: