SatCom ACS: Antenna Control Systems

The Series 8000 Antenna Control System (ACS) from Radeus Labs is rapidly becoming the industry’s “go-to” system for limited motion, jack drive applications. The 8200 ACU is designed to work with many different makes of antennas. It will readily serve as either a drop-in replacement for legacy 7200 systems or as a new installation in combination with the 8250 drive cabinet for an efficient install experience.

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photo: Model 8200 satellite antenna control unit (ACU) for earth stations — SatCom ACS
The Model 8200 ACU — the next generation of high-performance antenna controllers
photo: the Series 8000 SatCom ACS comprises the Model 8200 ACU and Model 8250 drive cabinet, shown with large commercial dish antennas at a satellite earth station

Radeus Labs ACS: Competitive Advantages

The RL 8200 ACS can help reduce your ongoing earth station operating costs, compared to popular competing solutions. The efficient parameter set makes configuration simple, while the touchscreen interface cuts keystrokes to the minimum. Give yourself a competitive advantage by replacing your legacy systems with the 8200 ACS!

Quality components improve reliability and uptime. “Set-up Wizard” automates configuration of motion limits and motor bump and coast parameters. The tracking and pointing modes are reliable and accurate, with all the features required of a truly next-generation, high-performance ACU.

A typical order ships within 30 days of receipt of your purchase order — in an industry where some firms seem “too big to ship,” we work for you and remember that your schedule is important!

After-sales support is incredibly important to us. We continually seek feedback from our customers, who frequently describe our support as “excellent” and “outstanding.” And our team responds quickly!

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