Our History

Radeus Labs, Inc. was founded in 2003 by Ray Hayden and Troy Wood. They began by solving problems in hardware-and-software systems. With a market need for a company with that particular expertise, Radeus Labs was born.

The focus was on ruggedized solutions that marry complex software with hardware, and on keeping the required expertise in-house. That efficient practice continues with manufacturing, engineering, and service operations under one roof.

Over the next decade, Radeus Labs continued to grow and diversified its ruggedized-computing offerings. That time saw the introduction of a Digital Flight Recorder (DFR) — a ruggedized, embedded computer that records audio, video, and data.

In 2015, Ken Cone and Juliet Correnti bought Radeus Labs from Juliet’s parents, Ray and Duvina Hayden. A spin-off company enabled Ray to continue his passion for Research and Development.

Ken brought decades of Satellite Communications and engineering experience, as well as a lean-operations approach, to Radeus Labs. Juliet brought industry knowledge, a business degree and small business background, and more than a decade of prior experience at Radeus Labs.

They have diversified the company’s market segments with a line of antenna-control instrumentation for Satellite Communications operations and a first-in-the-industry, four-monitor thin client for the ruggedized-computing market.

With a renewed focus on lean principles, Radeus Labs has doubled in size and revenue in just five years. They emphasize people, customer relationships, and great products. They have recently been named among the Forbes 25 Small Giants and Inc.’s 5000 fastest-growing companies in America.

Core values of Radeus Labs: