Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Electronics and Electrical Design

  • Electrical and electronics systems design
  • Turnkey, complex, printed circuit board design and development
  • Thermal analysis

Analog Design

  • Analog and power filtering
  • Precision amplifiers
  • Sensors and sensor Interfaces
  • Optical and imaging devices
  • Data conversion at high resolution and high speed
  • Low-noise and ultra-low-noise design
  • Power circuitry designs, portable power, battery-backed systems
  • RF and infrared design capabilities including RFID, DDS (Direct Digital Synthesis), mixers, antennas, amplifiers (Classes A–E)
  • Video amplifiers, distribution amplifiers

Digital Design

  • Electronic architecture and timing analysis
  • Digital filter design and filter modeling
  • Digital signal processing
  • Embedded microprocessors
  • System-on-chip integration
  • Discrete component, high-speed design and development
  • Power conversion, AC-DC and DC-DC design and development


  • National Instruments hardware, LabView
  • Altium Designer
  • DIPTrace
  • High-speed oscilloscopes
  • Timing and logic analyzers
  • Spectrum analyzers

Core values of Radeus Labs: