Ruggedized Thin Clients Supporting Four Monitors

Radeus Labs' rugged thin client supports multiple displays

The only commercially available, ruggedized, four-monitor thin client.

The Radeus Labs RLDT-TC-G1 rugged thin client is purpose-built for use with the most popular hypervisor systems — VMWare, Hyper-V, and others. Its small form factor permits multiple mounting options. Flexibility and simplicity in management allows RDP or multiple monitors over PCoIP.

Photo: VESA monitor mount for rugged thin client
Rugged thin client prepared for VESA monitor mount. (Click to enlarge.)


  • Small, rugged
  • up to four (4) displays
  • VESA monitor mount, can be rack mounted
  • Radeus RHEL-7 OS hardened via STIGs v2

Purchase Information

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  • Standard lead time: 12 weeks
  • Weight: 3 lbs. standalone hardware


Download the specs, see below, and ask for specifics:

Mounting options

This unit can operate while sitting on a desk, either flat or vertically. In development are two mounting options:

  • Option 1: attach it to the rear of a monitor via VESA mount.
    Illustration: mounting rugged thin clients on the back of a monitor
    Mounted on rear of a monitor.
  • Option 2: use a rack-mounted shelf. This is a specially designed shelf that allows two thin clients to fit in 1.5U of rack space, or four of them in 3U.

    Illustration: two ruggedized thin clients side-by-side on rack-mount shelf
    Affixed to a standard rack-mount shelf.

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