Radeus Labs Inc.

Based in the Greater San Diego area, Radeus Labs has a unique business model where design, development and production work together under one roof in our 10,000 sq. ft. facility.

We specialize in computing solutions and assemblies for a wide variety of end-use environments, from standard server racks to airborne computer systems and satellite tracking and control systems. Our quality standards start at design and are built all the way through delivery where we have complete traceability.

With experience in embedded hardware and software development, Radeus Labs addresses unique customer needs, providing customized solutions where no COTS solution exists or the need for product life cycle control is a requirement. Radeus Labs also offers troubleshooting assistance and a full service/repair department for long term sustainability.

We have loyal customers with us since the founding of Radeus Labs in 2002. The flexibility, care and post-delivery support our company provides causes customers to return again and again.

Mission Statement

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